TaxMap Goes Head to Head with Google

Papers, presentations, etc. appear below that give you the history, details and methodology behind TaxMap. The topic map that the IRS uses at its help desk.

I can't improve on those first hand accounts so rather than the usual topic map rant, I wanted to take another tack. I want you experience that value of topic maps for yourself.

First, open up two (2) browser windows. In the first one, load TaxMap. In the second window, load Google. Ready?

First topic (sorry!) is "alimony." Use the search box in TaxMap and you get eight "hits." Try the same search with Google, "alimony" Hmmm, 3,300 "hits." And they are poorly organized.

Second topic is "child support." In TaxMap, that topic is conveniently located on the related topics bar to your right. In Google, well, "child support" Err, 4190 "hits." If you are trying to keep up with someone using TaxMap, you are falling behind.

Third topic is "Divorced or Separated Spouses/Parents," which is also on the related topics bar for child support. In Google, you get 1,730 "hits." I hope your day job isn't finding answers to tax questions using Google.

These are not "cooked" examples. Pick any topic in TaxMap and compare an domain limited search with Google.

If you are answering the phone and delivering high quality information to tax payers, which one would you choose?

Would your agency, enterprise, organization benefit from high quality data delivery like you have just experienced?

Histories, presentations by TaxMap principal architects, Michel Biezunski and Steve Newcomb: