Hi, I'm from the government and I am here to help you.

With the IRS help desk, that is no joke. Every help desk staffer has complete information on over 5,000 topics and the ability to quickly navigate to more information.

To create that solution, the IRS did not:

  1. Create a mechanical index.
  2. Translate their documentation into Common Logic.
  3. Quest for the holy tax ontology.

They chose the topic map path.


Coming Attraction: Topic Map Fragments - March 8, 2013

Look forward to daily minor improvements and additon content. But, mark your calendar for March 8, 2013 for the appearance of: Topic Map Fragments.

I am sure topic maps ideas come to you everyday. Watching the news, reading email/blogs, even in conversation. But all the busy work topics you need are a pain.

To create a topic map about the sequestration reports in the United States, would you create topics for all the members of Congress? Would it be easier if there was a topic map fragment you could cherry pick for the topics/associations?

But nothing is free and this is where you come in. What topics and/or associations would be the most useful to you? Suggestions?